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        Using a freelance service has many benefits!

        You need the labor but not the hassles of an employee….  You only need help sometimes, when you get busy and you don't want to turn work away… but you don’t want another person around your office…. You don’t want to have to deal with the taxes, insurance and workman’s comp.

        Art by the Square Foot can provide you with beautiful drawings that reflect well on your business.  The impressive high quality of your presentation drawings will help you close sales. Hand drawings now have a certain "cachet" that will set you apart from the rest of the computer-generated designs. Drawing expertise implies design skills have been learned and used, unlike the computer drawings, which are no guarantee of ability, experience or skill. Anyone can generate a plan on a computer, but designing involves so much more than that. Hand drawings show your client you are aware of this.

        The accuracy of a hand drawn representation helps your client to visualize the project, including intricate door styles, woodcarvings, architectural features and all the room finishes. The client’s expectations are then based in reality, and accurate communication on changes etc. can ensue. This allows you to meet or exceed your clients expectations on the project, which enhances your credibility and reputation. The time you save will help you be available for other areas of your business, thus increasing your productivity.  

        Working "remotely" exerts a discipline on the participants which helps ensure the details are taken care of and the job will go more smoothly. A creative, experienced and talented designer, on call, for you to use when you need these skills. We can generate several design solution floor plans and sketches based on your measurements and client profile, for you to present and discuss with your client. Overnight, if necessary…..Faxed or e-mailed to your desk. Collaborate with a seasoned professional, and create ingenious design solutions to sell at a fraction of the cost involved in actually having a designer on staff. Get that last minute sale, because you can handle the extra quote in time….

        A qualified "C.K.D." will review your plans – this increases the probability of catching errors in math, or cabinet layout. An extra set of eyes watching over the plans for your benefit can save you money on potential ordering and other mistakes.

        You will also receive monthly bills that itemize the amounts per client/job, to help you with your job costing and accounting.

        All of these benefits combine to give you value for your dollar that you can translate into a better profit margin on your jobs, with fewer hassles
    for you.



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