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Lorna Aho, CKD
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  • Rates

    Page prices are calculated from a base rate of $60.00 per square foot of paper used. These are drawn on a standard turnaround time of five to seven working days, given sufficient layout and detail information, provided by fax or subsequent discussion.

    Expedited turnaround times of one to two days may be requested, there is an additional one time charge of $100.00 for this.

    Instant Expedited work (as in, drop everything and do it "now") may also be requested. The one time charge of $100.00 applies and the page rate also increases.

    Expedited services are not always available, as they depend somewhat on the goodwill of others, which cannot always be taken for granted!

    Design Fee/or Research Time Spent at $50.00 /hour
    On items billed by the hour there is a $25.00 minimum charge.
    8 ½ x 11 pages (0.65 sf) at $39.00 /page
    8 ½ x 14 pages (0.8 sf) at $48.00 /page
    11 x 17 pages (1.3 sf) at $78.00 /page
    18 x 24 pages (3.0 sf) at $180.00 /page
    24 x 36 pages (6.0sf) at $360.00 /page
    Coloring a page is an additional $60.00 per square foot
    Changes to pages at $15.00 /page
    Redrawing a page at $30.00 /sq.foot
    Pages of Order Writing/Estimating at $15.00 /page
    Pages of Order Rewrites at $10.00 /page
    Pages of Order Checking at $15.00 /page
    Emailing pages (up to 11 x 17 per scan) at $3.00 /each
    Copies (11 x 17 and larger) at $1.00 /sq.foot
    Overnight Federal Expressing at $30.00 /package
    Saturday or Early Morning Delivery at $20.00  


    Billing Terms

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    Thank you for your interest in these services.


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